Monday, June 4, 2012

Back on the bike! and running.

Hey everyone!  It's me, Blackie bike letting you know that Buttercup finally got home from his sailing trip on that dumb boat!  I even kinda felt sorry for him.  He was pretty landsick on Friday night when they got home, then he and I hit the road on the first annual SMECO 75th Anniversary 75 miler.  Ouch.  We had a great time riding with some of his friends, and met some new friends.  We chased a couple of guys at a hot pace for a while until they dropped us going up a little roller when BC's wide load got hit with a puff of wind.  But we had kept up with them for 15 miles or so at the hot pace, so that was good for us.  Then the rest of the group picked up me and my boy at the second rest stop and we rode with them the rest of the way.
The second rest stop was weird.  Nice volunteers were like, "Hey!  Come over here!  You're our 75th rider at the rest stop!"  Oh hurray.  I've never seen so much excitement over us getting dropped like yesterday's junk mail.  But Buttercup got his picture taken.  And got a pretty flowered Lei that he promptly put on me.  How embarrassing...

Dude.  Seriously?
Anyway.  The poor boy's legs cracked from the wind.  All that time on the boat (even with a couple of good runs thrown in) just didn't do us any good.  Which means it's going to be a LONG month of June with a whole lot of riding.  On that nice saddle sore, too.  Ouch.
So that was Saturday.  Sunday?  A bunch of rental house work for BC, and then a nice run with his Bride in the evening.  Today (Monday)?  I think he has some boat work to do- then I think he and Blu Bike are going to hit the road for a while.
BC is working on getting some of the video he took on the Contour processed so he can post it here.  The sailing vid is actually kind of cool- even though it's not riding.  So watch for it!
Here's one last cool late sunset picture from their cruise...

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