Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday 'not quite so' fuel injected, with Ingolstadt.

Um.  Hello?  Is this thing on?  Ahem, Ingolstadt here with a couple of thoughts this week.

First, let me introduce myself since I don't say much here.  I'm a 1973 Schwinn Suburban that belonged to Buttercup's father.  He was kind enough to give me to BC to be sure I'd continue to get used and loved.  Nice guy- we had a good time together over the years, but I digress.  Anyway- I got some upgrades when BC got ahold of me.  I've now got an 8 speed internal geared hub drivetrain, 700c wheels with messenger tires, and mountain bike style handlebars.

Blackie and Blu Bike have been talking for a long time about this 200 mile ride, right?  Well it was last Saturday.  And it was 100 degrees and very humid out.  Poor Buttercup really struggled with his decision of whether or not he should ride.  He's attempted this ride once before- didn't make it.  But he had trained really hard this year and was lighter, stronger, and felt ready.  But when the event organizers sent out a note saying that everyone except the very fittest riders should really consider doing the 200km version, that pretty much sealed the deal.  If the very fittest riders were going to have to really work to finish the 200 miles?  No way was our poor BC going to make it.  Even after losing 20lbs so far this year, he's still 15-20 over what he should be.  He's pushing 40.  So let's be honest.  It just wasn't going to happen.

So today I want to talk to you about being smart.
Every year we hear about high school football players dropping dead from heatstroke during "2-a-days" in August.  Or we read about people having injuries from doing too much too soon, because they are all excited about getting in shape.  Or people who eat wacky diets (there was one I heard of where all people ingest for days is water and milk.  hold on while I vomit 2% all down the front of you.  blech).
I was really proud of BC for deciding not to ride.  He put in the training miles, he's been eating much better, and he's been committed to finishing the 200 miles since he got SAG'd last year.  Not riding was a bitter disappointment.
And while dedication is admirable, I want to impart a little Classic American Steel wisdom- and make sure you all are smart about it.  It's supposed to be fun, remember?

All right.  Last thing.  BC and I took the MayaCycle trailer out for a spin this week to the grocery store.  I figured I would give you some of my reactions to the product.


  • There are 2 attachments provided.  A quick release and one that worked with my threaded axles.  Nice touch.
  • It was barely noticeable when towing.  Never even knew it was back there (actually had to adjust the mirror to double check once in a while since it was our first time out with it).
  • The bag is big enough for a pretty good grocery haul.
  • No noticeable changes to bike handling at all.
  • The overall attachment system is a pain in the neck.  The quick release ends up being REALLY long.  The wing nuts are difficult to work with.  Even if you want to leave the attachment on the bike and disconnect the swing arm from the trailer: total pain in the ass.  But I bet all trailers have some issue with the interface to the bike.
  • The small wheel does not easily accommodate a modern bike pump head.  Only possible to fill it from one side, and even then it's tricky to get everything in around the spokes.
Overall: Good purchase.  You may recall that their ordering process wasn't the best, and there are some minor issues with the details of the trailer- but overall it is easy to ride with for a reasonable price.  And that's really the trick, right? 
Improvements they could make on it?  A custom cargo box (due to the odd shape of the cargo area) would be a nice offering.  I think BC would spring for that.

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