Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time with the Primary Hobby, and Maintenance

Hi all!  Blu Bike here.  One of the things that us bikes have to come to terms with is that we are not always the primary hobby or interest in our rider's life.  That's the case with us.  Buttercup is a sailor.  He was sailing long before he started riding, and will be sailing long after his pathetic body gives up cycling.  No worries.  So a quick report on where he's been for the past week!  Sailing!
Buttercup went to sail in the Annapolis NOOD (North American One Design) Regatta in the J-111 class.  The boat is new to the owners this year, but luckily BC & his Bride have some experience with similar boats.

A J-111 sistership
He and the crew evidently had a good time and learned a ton about the new boat (they had never raced that boat in a race that competitive before).  
Us bikes will also get left at home when BC and Bride go cruising on their boat as well.  We've talked about that stupid boat in a previous post- not looking forward to being left behind again this summer.  But luckily BC has really committed himself to this 200 miler at the end of June, so we won't get ditched all summer.
Longer term, BC has a plan that involves living on a boat full time.  Um, BC?  where the hell are we supposed to fit?  Boats like you're thinking aren't going to have enough room for us...  A WHAT?  what little brother?  a FOLDING BIKE?  Good Grief.
Always the last to know- evidently Buttercup has been doing some early window shopping for a little brother to us that would fit on the boat.  One of these...

I guess a folding bike makes sense.  And it seems like it might be cool- it's got an internal gear hub like Ingolstadt does, and that MTB-esque thing might make sense.  I guess it'll just be one more thing to distract him from the rest of us.  Wait.  If that thing fits on the boat... and we don't??? OH CRAP!


I also have some fun "private" pictures of my dirty brother, Blackie.  He's getting a spring tear down to make sure he's ready for the heavy training miles that he's going to have to put in over the next couple of months.  Then he'll probably get another one just before the big ride.
I can talk more about his maintenance later, but here's a sneak peak!

In the rack, ready to get work done.
ewww... bee carnage.  That's disgusting.

Dirty!  Dirty, dirty, dirty!
The Supervisor.  He's evidently got an owie, thus the sock.
Anyway- I'll chat more at ya in a bit, okay?  And we can talk more about Blackie's hygiene issues...

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  1. Bee Carnage! LOL Your supervisor needs some more payment cookies for doing such a great job!