Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back to Training, and Sailing Vids

Blu Bike here with today's update.  I thought we'd start with a nice sailing picture.
I've been getting some miles in since Saturday's 75 mile ride that Blackie told you about in the last post.  Mostly due to the saddle sore that poor Buttercup has.  So Blackie is on the trainer downstairs to try to get that little mystery solved.  Remember when Blackie got that maintenance overhaul?  Well, it turns out that the mark that Buttercup set the seatpost to wasn't quite right.  Up about 3/8" too high.  Thus making his body rock a little too much on the saddle.  And on that Selle Italia saddle?  Not so good.  So he and Blackie are working that out on the trainer while I get to do the road miles for BC.
Hey- remember that whole "You're the 75th rider to stop at our rest stop" thing that Blackie was telling you about?  Well here's a picture of poor Buttercup.  Now keep in mind, he's like- "WTF?" and that he can't smile (all about passion), and isn't too sure about having his picture taken with the flowery thing on in his bike tights...


So I've been after him to work on some of the sailing vid from their trip.  It's some good stuff.
First, here's a good spot from their trip from Crisfield to Reedville:

Then, the Contour website has a cool thing that let's the GPS info show with the video.  So we're going to experiment with putting that here.  Be patient if it doesn't work quite right the first time, ok?

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