Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fuel Injection: Event time!

Hey everybody, Blackie Bike here with another installment of Friday Fuel Injection.  Subject this week?  The big event.  I think all riders set some sort of goal for themselves each year- whether that be a number of days per week to commute, a big charity or group ride, even all the way to up to pro racers who plan an entire season around one or two big races (or the Olympics as it might be this year).  As we've mentioned on this blog any number of times, Buttercup's big goal this year was to finish the Total200 ride.  He's been training hard for it, he lost most of the weight he was trying to lose and he's got some good miles in his legs.  He's about as ready as he's going to get.  And a good thing, too.  Since it's here.
The big event is here.  The ride is tomorrow (Saturday, June 30).
Here's a map of the ride.

The weather forecast is brutal.

Day Jun 30

Isolated T-Storms
Isolated T-Storms

You've got to be kidding me?  102 degrees F?  Should be entertaining to watch.

But this is it.  This is what he's been riding for all year.  This is why he lost the 20lbs.  This is why he's been working really hard to stay hydrated all week.  It's here.  It's time.  Let's RIDE!

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