Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fridays Ride and Stuff

Hi Again!  Guess who got chosen for Friday's ride?  THIS BIKE!  It's me, Blackie (the carbon bike), and Buttercup and I had a nice ride yesterday.  Even though he looked like an effeminate road construction worker in his black tights and longsleeve top with this jersey over top of it:

Good Lord, that's bright!!

A nice reader suggested chatting about all the dumb fixes that get done to us- and yep, we've got a plan for a regular "maintenance" *cough, cough* section.  Friday's Maintenance?  Well, he finally got those rags off my wheels.  They were nice tires, but they were pretty well worn out.  So what did he put on me?  Cheap Kenda's!  Really?  I'm sure Kenda makes some nice tires, but these bad boys ain't it.  But they are durable- and I think the goal was to spend more time riding and less time fixing flats so I'm ok with it, I guess.  But I can't wait to break out the new Pro Race 3's that I saw arrive in the mail last week!
Then he had done a real nice job cleaning and lubing my chain.  Though we must have missed that part in the process about cleaning the rear deraileur cogs... 'twas a bit noisy for the first couple of miles.  But that went away and we had a great (and silent) time after that.
Where did we go?  We just had a nice 37 miler out and around the area.  We took some of the back roads, which I LOVE.  I don't mind riding on the highway since it's a bike route and we're safe on the wide shoulder, but I love to get out on the country roads and cruise.
Here's a picture of our map:

And one last thing.  Check out this Article on how bike commuting is playing a role in saving people in Detroit $$, carbon pollution emissions, and time in conjunction with car and van pooling.  Cool stuff.  I'll have to get the grumpy green Monster to read it.  Him and those fancy panniers of his...

You're still here?  Good.  I can complain then about us not getting used.  So Buttercup had to go to sailing practice last night, right?  Does he take any of us?  Nope.  Now, he did only drive a few miles to meet up with Mrs. Buttercup and they carpooled, but why not take us?  Cold?  Bah.  Dark?  Hmph.  A jedi fears not these things... Maybe it will get better once it warms up some more.  I hope so!

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