Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun Charity Ride!

Blackie here with an update about the End Hunger charity ride I was talking about in my Last Post.  It was chilly (upper 40's to low 50's all day), cloudy, and rained/sleeted on us in the last few miles- there's a story there, but we'll tell it in good time...
Here was the route we took:

It was scheduled to be a Metric Century (100km or 64-ish miles), but our riding buddy, Bob, missed a turn and Buttercup had to go find him.  So it turned out to be more of a 71 mile ride.  Good Grief.  *Sigh*

But it was a good ride- as I've been documenting here, Buttercup has been working on his leg strength a lot so far this season and this was another good opportunity for a workout!  On all the hills, I stayed in the Big Ring so he had to get his rear out of the saddle and work for it.  I don't think I quite had his legs feeling like jelly, but I watched from the rack as he was walking to the truck after the picnic and he was looking a little tired.  So I think it was success!

Here's a picture of me and Bob's Bianchi at one of the rest stops...

Taking a Break
And, the getting lost story: We were on a part of the course with some pretty big rolling hills- so I had BC out of the saddle since I was Big Ring-ing him.  That had us going a little faster pace up the hills so we were ahead when we topped one hill where there was a turn.  And Bob wasn't far behind, but we stopped to take a picture or two shortly after the turn and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  We went back to the turn and waited a while longer.  Then Bob called and said he missed the turn.  So we went and met him part way as he was making his way back to the course.  No big deal- but a fun opportunity to pick on him.  "I hear Deale is nice this time of year..." *snicker*.

Speaking of pictures!  Here are those two shots BC took!

The Road Ahead- into the woods!

Just a nice farm/tree shot :o)
Anyway- to finish the "lost" story- so we're now a little later in the day than we were planning on, right?  Two friggin' miles from the finish?  It finally rains.  Wait, no that's sleet.  No, no... that's HAIL.  Are you serious?  Really?  Oh well, it only lasted for a bit.
Then the nice volunteer police man stopped traffic so we could cross back to the starting point, I got racked and they went to the picnic.  Then home.
Since it was supposed to rain today, BC didn't bother to do my tear down maintenance work (of course then it didn't rain other than for those couple of minutes...), so watch for that coming up this week!
But a good ride, a good cause, and a good time.  Sweet.

Oh- and here's a picture that one of the nice photographers took of me and BC on the course.  Good thing I'm so darned good looking!

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