Thursday, July 12, 2012

I've got a name! and the back story...

Blackie Bike here!  I've finally got a name of my own!  As you'll recall, I'm just a blank carbon frameset- right?

Well guess what??  Buttercup finally got me some cool decals so I don't look quite so naked!
Check it out!

What the hell is Scandalli, you ask?  Here's the back story on how I came to be...
So Buttercup is a musician by trade and training (he's actually got a degree in it).  And when he was in high school, he bought this cool old Accordion at an estate sale for $150 with thoughts he might learn to play it some day.  Well, he never really got around to it, but he still drug that stupid accordion all over hell with him. Then, when he was cleaning out his office a couple of years ago, he decided it was time for the old accordion to go.  Trash or donate?  Better check Ebay first.  Holy shit.  Could that be?
Turns out that the make model and vintage of his accordion is the one you have to have if you are a serious accordionist.  It was a 1950's Scandalli Super 6.  That $150 he spent on it?  In concert condition, it's now worth $10,000.  Time to sell.  He didn't get quite top dollar for it since it needed a little repair, but he did get plenty to buy my frame, wheels, and various parts.  Plus plenty left over to buy a carbon fiber guitar.  Nice!

So in homage to the old accordion (which some guy from Brazil bought), it was time for decals for me!  I also got a new chain, and all new teflon coated Jagwire cables.  Sweet!

Watch out this coming weekend and early next week for sailing updates while BC and his Lovely Bride are crewing on the Bad Cat in the Screwpile Regatta!

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