Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sailing again...

Hi all- Blackie Bike here (or am I supposed to be using my new name?).  So I've resigned myself to just reporting the happenings- whether I like them or not.  Buttercup and his Bride left us bikes again this past weekend to go sailing.  It was the 20th annual Screwpile Regatta in Solomons, MD.  We hate these stupid sailing things, since we all get left behind and just sit in racks waiting for fat boy to get back home with the extra weight he'll have gained eating pizza & Chinese food and drinking unhealthy amounts of beer.
But they evidently had a great time.  He took running shoes and clothes with him in a show of good faith, but after a long day in the sun on the race course and a full night of drinking each of the days- no running was done.
But we do have some cool pics:

Here's Buttercup trimming the spinnaker- that thing is seriously no-shit big:

Here they are in pursuit of Pursuit:

and the start of the subsequent douse as they head for the leeward mark rounding:

Cool, right?  (Thanks to the site for the awesome pics!)

Then, lastly- each boat captain is given a limited number (usually 3) of red hats from the regatta that you can't get anywhere else.  You can't buy them and there are only a limited number from that regatta or race.  Tradition is that the skipper usually keeps one for him/herself and gives out the other two as thanks for a job well done to a couple of crew members.  Well evidently the skipper thought BC did an ok job with that big kite...

Just as a quick side note~ one of these hats will get you free entry and full access to the Mount Gay Rum distillery in Barbados.  BC and his Bride evidently went there a few years ago and he had one of his old dirty hats on and they smiled and fawned a little over him and it and suggested that his Bride fork over $$ to get in.  She grumbled about how many of those hats she had at home, or even in the hotel room... and they eventually let her in, too.  (check out the Red Hat Community video on their website)

Ok- that's it for now, hopefully the next post is back to stuff about BIKES.  Dammit.

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