Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Sailing!

Hey all, Blu Bike here again.  Our least favorite Buttercup (for the moment, anyroo...) is still off sailing.  I'm doing my duty to report...
Sounded like they had a fun couple of days with some great sailing.  I'll see what I can't do to post a little of stuff, but keep in mind that he doesn't exactly have super internet access to be uploading major amounts of vid or anything.  So the vids will have to wait, but I can tell you this- they were hauling the mail today!
Check out this pic BC sent me of their max speed:

Now, to us bikes?  That's about 8.5mph or so.  Big whoop, right?  But it is my understanding that 8 knots is pretty darned fast, especially given the type of boat that old "Sequoia" is.  And the fact that they were towing a dinghy.  Not bad, BC... Not bad.

Now, we do have an issue that we need to talk about.  BC and his bride are sailing around on the Chesapeake Bay- and one of the big attractions there is these two islands called Smith Island and Tangier Island.  They are sort of the last holdout for the old ways of the Chesapeake Bay waterman.  I'll take his word for it.  So when they were in Crisfield (at the very nice Somers Cove Marina), they took a ferry over to Smith Island and took a tour.
Here's a pic of  on the way in to Smith Island on the ferry.

So evidently things have gotten a little more tourist friendly since they were there last several years ago and you can now rent golf carts and bikes to get around on.  Seriously?  You went to some backwater island to rent a damned bike and left all of us sitting at home?  Jerk.  And look at what he ends up on...

Good Lord.  He looks like friggin' Pee Wee Herman.

Anyway.  I just figured I'd give you a quick update.  Maybe I'll be able to post some vid when he gets back home.  Although we have a 75 mile charity ride scheduled for the day after he gets back, so it might be a day or two!

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