Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fuel Injection: Inspiration

Hey everyone (and everybike)!  Blu Bike here with this week's "Friday Fuel Injection".  This week- Inspiration.  I know what you're thinking, we already talked about passion in Another Post, what the hell?  Peeps, passion and inspiration are two TOTALLY different things.  I'm going to tell you where Buttercup (and through him, us bikes) finds inspiration.
There are 2 things that are currently fueling him:

  • First, is that there is some really good bike racing on TV right now.  The Giro is going on and is a pretty great race as always, but Buttercup has been focusing on the Amgen Tour of California.  Why?  We don't race, so what's the point?  Watching the top competitors who are amazing athletes in top form (did you see Jens Voigt put in the blue collar effort in yesterday's time trial??? Wow!!) is inspirational.  And it's cool to see super hot rod custom and "production" bikes.  And check out the cool scenery in the pic above- what an awesome ride!  Lastly in this category is the young and the old.  The Bontrager/Livestrong under-23 team is busting ass, and so are some of the older guys.  Big George, Jens Voigt and others are doing great despite the fact that some of them were racing pro before the young guys in the race were born.
  • Second?  Body Weight.  This whole journey for Buttercup started 4 years ago now with an effort to dump some weight.  It's been a real struggle (since he loves to eat), but as of this morning he's down 15lbs from the start of winter training.  In addition to riding and running, he's also working on a lifestyle change for him and his Bride with their eating habits.  BC's sister and the "not-so-terribly-observant-on-the-bike" Bob have lost a whole bunch of weight with a diet change based loosely on Vegan eating.  BC has been incorporating some healthier ideas from vegan and other diets to help with his weight loss.  I could here the "WooHoo!" all the way downstairs this morning when he stepped on the scale and it read 194.8 (and it wasn't even his "light" time of day)!!

So that's today's discussion.  Go find your inspirations.  Spouse thinks your sexy when you have that funky upside down "V" in your calf muscle?  Or maybe that you've lost a little weight?  Or that you come home sweaty?  Sweet.  You like the fact that you can see your toes for the first time in years?  Awesome.  Biking to work- Happy Bike to Work Day!!- makes you feel good all day long?  Great.

Whatever it is that inspires you- find it, use it, and GO RIDE YOU'RE DAMN BIKE!

Oh, and he says to tell you he's enjoying the feedback from some of the topic on the blog.  And yes, BC's Sister, we may discuss where the name Buttercup comes from some day...

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