Monday, May 14, 2012

More stupid boat stuff...

Hi again- Blu Bike here.  I'm really starting to get frustrated by Buttercup and all this boat crap.  I mean, when was the last time any of us got any good work done?  What's that BC?  Well yeah, that's true- Blackie is getting a full overhaul... yeah, I did get that nice paint job and new tires... and yeah, I guess Ingolstadt did get the new sprocket and you got him some new rim tape... Touche'.

I guess he's got a point there... So I'll just do the reporting and quit complaining.
It was a long weekend of work by BC and his Bride- but they got the new boat floor just about ready to install.  BC is putting the finishing touches on it today and tomorrow.  He's using an epoxy finish, so it takes a little while to cure in between coats.

Here's a picture comparing the old sole to the new.  The old stuff lasted a long time- over 20 years of being in a wet environment will take it's toll on anything I guess.

And then here's one from just now after BC finished applying the second coat of epoxy.  This is basically the same epoxy that they used on my carbon fork and all of Blackie.  I think it just uses a different catalyst to make sure it cures to a nice clear finish.

Lookin' good, BC.  Now can we get back to bikes??

It is rainy and nasty here today, and I just saw BC head down to finish up Blackie's overhaul.  So I would guess Blackie will be back soon to tell you all about it...

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