Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer weather Sunday 60 Miler

It's Blu Bike here again!  Boy, we've been talking to each other a lot lately, huh?  Well, not really.  None of you bother to comment, which is ok if you don't feel like it- but feel free.  So anyway, I've been talking to you a lot lately, huh?
Today's topic is Sunday's ride that I got to do- that's like 3 rides in a row for me!  Yayyy!
Buttercup got a message from one of his riding buddies to see if we wanted to grab 40 miles as one of their training rides for cool event coming up at the end of this month.  She's doing the Face Of America Ride from Washington DC to Gettysburg, PA.  Good Luck to all the participants!
So Buttercup and I headed down to meet her, then we did a nice 43 mile ride together.  That had a total of 60 miles for us- just about perfect at this point in our training for the 200.  His legs felt like they were slowing down by the end, so I think that many miles in my 1 gear was a good leg strength workout!
Here's a picture of the ride route:

The weather was just amazing- so nice to not be freezing my aluminum bits off anymore.  And no mechanical issues.
Here are a couple of cool shots from the Contour along the way...

Both today are from the "Victory Lap" that we all do anytime we ride with an endpoint on Solomons Island. Here is a great shot looking out onto the river and the Chesapeake Bay...

And you can always tell it's spring in Solomons- when the biker crowd makes their return...

And our cheering for the Capitals paid off!  They won in overtime!  So we're going to try again, ok??

Goat says, "Let's Go Caps!!"
And the weather is supposed to continue to be nice this week- so we'll see you out on the road!

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