Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun Friday Ride

Blu Bike here.  Seems we liked that last post, huh?  Some time when Buttercup isn't looking, I'll find the piece of paper he was using to curse out the nurses when they tied him to the bed and post it.  It's pretty funny.  Unless you were his wife trying to hide it from the nurses...
Nothing quite so dramatic or inspiring today.  Just a quick report about a fun ride on Friday.
It was a nice, cool day out.  Buttercup got a call from one of his riding buddies to see if he wanted to take advantage of the nice weather.  Sure.  And he picked this Blu Bike, thank you very much.
We got in a fun 47 miles with a few miles of "where the hell are we" thrown in just for fun.  Luckily, Buttercup usually takes his phone these days and uses the "My Tracks" free app to record the ride.  And it has a nice map function.  Yayyy, we're going the right direction!  Here's an image of the route...

Here is a cool shot of a nice scenic bit of road.  And a great little hill ahead.  Love those with the 42/16 he's got on me these days.

There was discussion of him abandoning us all today to go work on the boat again.  But I think I've got him convinced to let Mrs. BC drive the truck down and let him ride (hopefully ME!) down and back.  That way we can grab another 35 or so today.  The trip down seems like it may be a bit "headwindy".  But it should make for a nice downwind cruise on the way home.

Oh, and did I mention:

Gotta be said...

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