Monday, April 23, 2012

New Training Route!

Hey!  Blackie Bike here!  So Buttercup and I took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and went and did some more exploring on some roads up a little further north than we usually ride.  Perfect!

If you add that to some of the stuff we were exploring last week, we've got training rides a-plenty as we continue to get ready for the Total200 ride.  I felt kinda sorry for Buttercup on Saturday, though.  I got the impression his legs were feeling pretty tired afterwards- but that's perfect, right?  He needs those bad boys to be doing some hurtin' so he's strong enough to get me to the finish line!  Can't wear that jersey you ordered if we don't friggin' finish!  C'mon you pansy, push it!

Oh- and we ordered that trailer we showed in the picture last week in the post about being Greener (is that the right word? Greener? oh well...) but it seems like the company is one of those that is a little on the slow side about shipping stuff.  *Sigh*
BC and Ingolstadt went to the grocery store last week- and the poor old guy woke up with a flat yesterday.  First one of those he's had since last year when Buttercup got him the T-Serve Protex tires.  That's on the maintenance schedule for this week.  I think BC's going to get him those SLIME tubes like he got for Blu Bike...  Oh, and I got a nasty cut on my back tire we've been using for training.  He set a new tube of SuperGlue on my saddle yesterday- so I'm guessing he's going to see if it will patch up and last a while longer.  You can see it just above the "Kenda" there where it's got some threads showing...

Nice thing about being shod with a durable tire is that they hold up well, not exactly a "supple" road feel- but far better than stopping to fix a flat!

It's hard to tell if the weather is going to clear up today- if so, maybe Blu Bike and BC will go out for a ride. I prefer not to take my pretty little self out when it's all wet and icky...

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