Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Deer! on a nice ride.

It's me, Blackie, again!  Buttercup and I went for a fun ride on Monday.  48 miles with a lot of Big Ring Riding where we could in the wind and on shallow hills, and some good climbs part way through.  All with the wind blowing 15-20 with gusts to 25mph.  Making for a great leg strength workout.

It was a good route, too- lots of options of shorter or longer.  I'm guessing I'll be seeing a lot of these roads over the next couple of months.  Speaking of seeing the road--
I wasn't wearing the Contour (tough to mount with the wing style bars) so he was resorting to just taking a picture with his phone of some of the rolling hills we were working on.

I was pissed I didn't have the Contour running, though- we almost hit a deer!  We were hot footing it down a hill close to home at a little over 30mph when we heard a rustle and 3 deer jumped out in front of us.  Luckily: Einstein was paying attention and eased on the binders (I've been telling the cheap prick I need new pads...), the third deer we were most likely to hit scrambled across the road a little faster, and we managed a nice swerve to avoid.  Nice!
So far this year now we've had a family of goats and now a family of deer jump out in front of us... I can only imagine what the rest of the year will bring.

Here was the colorblind jersey sported for the ride... can't really miss us with this one either- huh?

the back is even worse- there's pink mixed in!
Good news?  Buttercup continues to lose weight slowly but surely.  His first digit on the scale is a "1" now!  Seriously good news for my aching back wheel and seatpost!

Oh, and one of our favorite rides is scheduled for a day we can actually go-- I was worried we were going to miss it due to a schedule conflict.  It was raining for the ride last year, but it was still a LOT of fun.  And the ride is only $25, and benefits the local community center which features a great program for low income senior citizens.  Win/Win/Win and... Win!

Lastly, the maintenance schedule for the next day or two includes poor Blu getting that brake lever fixed, I think Monster might finally get that new rear sprocket, and I'm due for getting those deraileur cogs cleaned.


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